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Medical Oncology Department

Treatment Options:

  • Poly chemotherapy for cancers
  • Single agent chemotherapy for cancers
  • Targeted therapies for cancers
  • Immunotherapy for cancers


  • Bone marrone biopsy & aspirates 
  •  Central vein access for treatments
  •  Lumbar punctures 
  •  Intra pleural & Intra thecal chemotherapies

Further Information:

Standard & high quality diagnosis & treatments for different types of cancer

This package includes:

Different types of available treatments for solide tumors including:

  • Breast cancer
  • Coaothintelinal concern
  • Gunli urinany cancer
  • Ley cancer & lymplamas
  • Trearmal of diseose & thery ulated complicolies for cancer patails

This package excludes:

Bone marron transplantalisim

Instructions: (Preparation)

Preparailis of all drugs & cheurtherapy prefctes is close according to atanblard & updated quideluis

Patient Eligibility:

Adult inal & female fatients with diagnosis of cancer


  • To give best treatment option to all patient
  •  Martials plenary therapies approaches