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As the most advanced diagnostic cardiovascular treatment center in the heart of Tehran and staffed by the most proficient cardiologists, the Cardiology Clinic at Jam Hospital is prepared to offer 24/7 services for esteemed clients throughout the year, given the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, especially in urban communities.

Services offered at this clinic include:

Clinical Services

• Conducting ECG tests round-the-clock

• Providing cardiac counseling for non-cardiac surgeries

• Nutrition clinic staffed by a nutritionist, specifying proper diet for cardiac and non-cardiac patients

Non-Invasive Testing Lab

1. Round-the-clock cardiac stress test by a cardiologist

2. Round-the-clock echocardiography by a cardiologist

3. Esophageal echocardiography by echocardiography fellowship holder

4. Echocardiography of congenital and fetal diseases by an echocardiography fellowship holder using the world's state-of-the-art echocardiography machines

5. Holter monitoring of heart to diagnose heart arrhythmias

6. 24 hour Holter monitoring of blood pressure to determine mean daily arterial pressure

7. Tilt table test for syncope examination