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Staffed by specialized and experienced physicians, the Infectious Disease Clinic at Jam Hospital offers specialized services to patients regarding the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. These services are tailored to outpatient and inpatient needs.

Specialists at this clinic attempt to identify and treat infections caused by exposure to infectious diseases or organ transplants and other surgical procedures.

Services offered at this clinic include:

✔ Bloodstream infections

✔ Infection of bones and joints

✔ Infection of the central nervous system including meningitis

✔ Endocarditis

✔ Fever of unknown origins

✔ Fungal infections

✔ HIV and AIDS

✔ Immunization

✔ Infections associated with medical devices and procedures

✔ Donor-derived infections

✔ Immunization-related infections (prevention and treatment)

✔ Meningitis

✔ Osteomyelitis

✔ Parasitic diseases

✔ Pneumonia

✔ Postoperative infections

✔ Sepsis

✔ Sexually transmitted diseases

✔ Travel-related diseases (prevention and treatment)

✔ Tuberculosis

✔ Viral infections