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A healthy diet involves consuming varied nutrition balanced, proportional to one's physical condition. Symptoms of malnutrition include recurrent infectious diseases, lack of sufficient energy for activities of daily living, palpitations, and chronic illnesses. Our leading nutritionists at Jam Hospital offer proper diet and nutrition counseling services.

Services offered at Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic include:

✔ Examination of the causes of and treatments for emaciation and obesity; weight control

✔ Diets for uremic, dialysis and kidney transplant patients

✔ Diet for celiac patients

✔ Diet for patients on chemotherapy

✔ Weight loss based on scientific and medical principles

✔ Training exercises for weight loss

✔ Fitness through fat tissue removal without recurrence

✔ Diets for diabetic, hypertension, and hyperlipidemic patients

✔ Diets to determine the fetal sex before pregnancy

✔ Nutrition in pregnancy, lactation, and old age

✔ Nutrition and diet for children and adolescents

✔ Nutrition and diet for athletes