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The Audiology and Hearing Aid Clinic at Jam Hospital uses audiology equipment to perform all neonatal, pediatric and adult hearing tests, including audiometry, tympanometry, tinnitus and eustachian tube assessment tests, electrophysiological tests (auditory brainstem response and electrocochleography), newborn hearing screening immediately after birth and other follow-up tests.

It should be noted that this department is capable of prescribing and delivering all kinds of analog, programmable and digital hearing aids including invisible, behind-the-ear, pocket and spectacle ones.

The Audiology Unit offers the following services:

• Hearing screening (neonatal) including TEOAE and DPOAE tests

• Pure-tone audiometry and SRT, PTA, and SDS speech tests

• Impedance audiometry, acoustic reflex testing, and eustachian tube test

• Hearing aid consulting

• Prescription of various hearing aids

• Manufacturing all kinds of waterproof and soundproof hearing aid cases