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The inpatient pharmacy at Jam Hospital was established in 1971 simultaneous with the foundation of the hospital. The operating room pharmacy and the outpatient pharmacy subsequently became operational with the expansion and development of the hospital and underwent major transformations in 2016. One such transformation involved the establishment of a pharmacovigilance unit. According to the World Health Organization's definition of pharmacovigilance, it is a philosophy of professional care in which the patient is the primary stakeholder and all pharmacovigilance measures are primarily taken for the sake of patient health and well-being. It encompasses all ethical, professional, scientific and pharmaceutical aspects. With the establishment of the pharmacovigilance unit, traditional pharmacy services embarked on a new phase of prioritizing patient interests and safety, which previously consisted of the provision of medication and medical equipment. The new approach aimed at achieving intended therapeutic outcomes and providing better pharmaceutical services and, subsequently, enhancing the quality of life of patients. Therefore, the focus of pharmacy services was shifted away from medication to patients and achieving desirable therapeutic outcomes.