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The Jam Hospital Laboratory is divided into three departments: On the lower ground floor, down the corridor leading to the parking lot, are located the Management Office, the Admission Office, Department of Pathology, and the lavatories, accessible from both the hospital entrance and the parking lot entry gate for the convenience of the esteemed clients. Technical department of the laboratory is located between the ground and first floor, which comprises departments of biochemistry, hormonology, hematology, microbiology, serology and coagulation, immunology, urology and parasitology and molecular diagnostics. The Department of Pathology at Jam Hospital Lab is located on the lower ground floor.

The Pathobiology Laboratory at Jam Hospital was established in 1970. In 2011, the building was expanded and the Department of Pathology was added to the Jam Hospital Lab in 2015. The Pathobiology Lab of Jam Hospital is proud to conduct quality tests in the shortest possible time.