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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is on the second floor next to the Delivery Rooms. It encompasses 4 NICU beds, 2 Post-NICU beds, resuscitation room, isolated room, lactorium, and physician in attendance room. Newborns with the following conditions are admitted to this unit: newborns with respiratory problems, congenital malformations, heart problems, low birth weight, premature newborns, asphyxia before, during and after childbirth, prematurity, multiple birth, high birth weight, history of diabetes, hypertension, maternal digestive and internal problems that affect the newborn, admitting newborns from other hospitals, conducting intubation procedures, endotracheal injection, chest tube placement (thoracostomy), and exchange transfusion, etc., 24/7 pediatrician and neonatologist in attendance, pediatrician in attendance in delivery room and operating room for high-risk deliveries, etc.