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The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Jam Hospital is on the first floor adjacent to the operating rooms and the open-heart ICU. The unit consists of 11 beds and one isolated bed in a separate area.

All beds are of the three-crank type with position adjustability for long-term hospitalization. Beds are equipped with full monitoring of vital signs, a central monitoring system for round-the-clock control at the nurses’ station and respiratory devices (ventilators) with adjustable respiratory modes.

Patients are admitted to this unit from the emergency room, the operating room (for postoperative care), and inpatient care units, if intensive care is needed.

Daily patient visits (twice a day) are provided by the resident ICU physician and the physician in attendance. At this clinic, a resident anesthesiologist is in attendance at patients’ beds round-the-clock.

High-risk conditions are parts and parcel of a unit such as ICU. This concern is properly managed with proficient physicians, trained and experienced nursing staff, and provision of necessary medical facilities, making Jam Hospital one of the highest-ranking hospitals in terms of bed occupancy rate in the ICU due to frequent requests and proper patient care.