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Sub-Specialized Polyclinics

Angiography (CathLab) and Angioplasty Ward

Primary PTCA


Heart Clinic and Holter Echocardiography

Open Heart Surgery


Endoscopy and ERCP Ward

Gynecology and Obstetrics


Nuclear Medicine



Jam Hospital

- Admitting the patients in possession of (primary and supplementary) insurance and the patients enjoying no insurance (free admission);

- Admitting and treating foreign patients (tourism therapy) and utilization of electronic services such as Master Card and VISA Card;

- Employing advanced medical equipment along with modern technology of the world;

- Providing treatment services drawing upon universal standards as soon as possible with the charge less than the similar private centers;

- Offering treatment service in a friendly environment while respecting patients' rights; and,

- Making arrangements for benefit of hotels and travel agencies for convenience of out-of-capital and overseas patients.

Healthcare Wards

- 24/7 Emergency


- General Surgery

- Laparoscopy Surgery

- Orthopedic and Arteroscopy Surgeries

- Neurosurgery

- GYN/OB Surgery

- 24/7 Cardiology Emergency

- Urological Surgery and Internal Removal of Renal Calculi

- Pulmonary Surgery

- Vascular Surgery

- Eye Surgery

- Plastic and Beauty Surgery

- Pediatric Surgery

- Dialysis

- ENT Surgery

- Internal Wards

Sub-Specialized Polyclinics:

- Cardiology: Sports Test, Thallium Test, Echocardiography, Holter, Angio CT

- Gastroenterology: Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP

- Urology

- Pulmonary Tests, Bronchoscopy, ENT

- Pediatrics

- Ophthalmology

- General Surgery

- Nutrition

- Plastic and Beauty Surgery

- Oncology

- Pulmonology and Thorax

- Orthopedics

- Gynecology & Obstetrics


- Mammography

- Nuclear Medicine

- 24/7 Lab

- Physiotherapy

- Pharmacy

- Audiometry


Jam Hospital is exclusively in possession of 11 CCU beds, and 5 ICU and Open-Heart Surgery beds and 8 CCU beds. It has also 6 active operation rooms which are prepared to accommodate the honorable patients using modern equipment.

Add.: Fajr St., Ostad Motahhari Ave., Tehran, Tel.: 88820091-9, 88833133-6

Speaking Line: 84140 Fax: 88303224

Website: www.jamhospital.com

Angiography (CathLab) and Angioplasty Ward

This ward is beside the 24/7 clinic of cardiology and chest pain and Postcath Ward. It has the equipped, modern apparatus for performing cardiologic and peripheral angiography on a round-the-clock basis.

Primary PTCA:

Time identification and diagnosis of heart's blood-circulating vascular wastes prior to occurrence of heart attacks is fulfilled as soon as possible at Jam Hospital. This important aspect owes its existence to the experience and sub-specialized equipment available at this center. In case of any problem, cardiac angioplasty ward offers all unique, specialized and standard healthcare services to patients.


Jam Hospital's laboratory, running constantly and on a round-the-clock basis, does all specialized and sub-specialized tests on a daily basis as well as all emergency tests in the least time (less than one hour). It should be noted that for the convenience of the respectable clients, this laboratory is a party to contracts with all healthcare, social security and armed forces insurances as well as supplementary insurances.

Heart Clinic and Holter Echocardiography

In view of prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, heart clinic of Jam Hospital , employing skilled specialists, provides all checkup and treatment services (if necessary) as soon as possible, to the clients.

Open Heart Surgery

The entire 6 operation rooms at Jam Hospital are active on a round-the-clock basis and admit and offer service to patients in specialized and sub-specialized surgeries (open heart surgery, thorax, laparoscopy, and neurosurgery) drawing upon the most developed equipment and surgeons and skilled, experienced anesthesiologists as well as capable, skillful nursing team.


Chemotherapy Ward, equipped with the most advanced facilities and apparatus, provides service to patients.

Endoscopy and ERCP Ward

This ward, being possession of the most developed endoscopy apparatus and machines and enjoying prominent anesthesiologists for pain alleviation and full monitoring, offers diagnostic and treatment service to the patients.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

- Painless delivery

- Screening tests for the period of pregnancy

- NST test

- Amnisure test

All of the abovementioned services are provided by the anesthesiologists at Jam Hospital on a 24/7 basis.


The physiotherapy ward of Jam Hospital, equipped with the most developed, modern technology of the world, offers the best, quality physiotherapy services to clients with prior appointments.

Nuclear Medicine

The nuclear medicine ward of Jam Hospital, enjoying distinct, unique equipment and technology, offers such services as body organ scanning, thallium and thyroid tests and breast lymphocytegraphy.


Radiology Ward of Jam Hospital, equipped with the modern digital radiology technology, Doppler sonography, 3D sonography, embryo sonography, and perinatology, is prepared to offer modern medical service in terms of radiology to the honorable patients.


Hospital's pharmacy provides insurance and free services to the inpatients and other clients from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.