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The Department of Dentistry at Jam Hospital offers services to the esteemed clients with the help of its team of specialists, experienced staff, and advanced equipment.

• Cosmetic crowns, laminates, zirconia and composite veneers

• Bleaching (tooth whitening)

• Fixed and flexible/removable dentures

• Root canal therapy (endodontic therapy) using rotary motor with apex locator, root canal re-treatment

• Implants and specialized implant surgeries including sinus lift, alveolar bone augmentation, alveolar bone graft

• Periodontal surgery and impacted wisdom tooth extraction

• Smile makeover and replacement of black fillings with white fillings

• Specialized pediatric treatments

• Fixed, removable, tooth-colored, and invisible denture and overdenture (in children)

• Central sterilization room (CSR) and Class B autoclaves

• New disinfectants and disposables (in a vacuum for each patient)

• Digital imaging technique with minimal radiation